Jes Nagel Fibrenetix CEO

Jes Nagel

Founder & CEO

For over 25 years, Jes Nagel has been an innovative leader in the European technology market.  While studying at the University of Copenhagen, he gathered a small group of friends and developed pioneering communication software, and traveled to Taiwan to pitch it to investors.  This trip was the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship with the Asian market.

For more than a decade after University, Jes strengthened his International business skills by managing European markets for US-based technology companies such as Microsoft, Fox Software, Ashton-Tate, and Storage Solutions.

In 1995, Jes founded Fibrenetix, a company that focuses on high performance, cost effective storage products, and was a pioneer of PATA and SATA based RAID technology.  Leveraging opportunities outside UK headquarters, Jes combined manufacturing plants in Asia and Spain with R&D in Ireland to grow Fibrenetix to a world-class provider of storage with key markets in the Middle East, Japan, China, Europe, and the United States.  In 2010, Fibrenetix headquarters relocated to Denmark, marking the company’s growth in the global market.

Ivan Bjerg-Larsen

Chairman, Fibrenetix

Martin Larsson

Board Member & Supply Chain Advisor

Bhushan Kate

Business Development Manager, MEA & India

Bhushan Kate has been actively involved in the Security industry for over 28 years across the Middle East, Africa and India. With an academic background in Electronics & Telecommunications, and Computer Software studies, he started his career as a COBOL programmer. He quickly realized this was not the profession for him and moved to Abu Dhabi, as a Sales Engineer for Audio and Security Systems.

Bhushan worked with various Philips partners (now Bosch) across Abu Dhabi, Yemen and Qatar, followed by a role within Philips India to manage the northern region. He moved on to G4S in Dubai, and later to Bahrain, strengthening his regional experience. This was followed by a sales role with Spectator, handling the MEA and the Indian sub-continent region. Bhushan went on to a 5 year tenure with a Qatar government owned Security Services company, as Technical Services Director, further expanding his network and knowledge in the Middle East.