David Lind

Producer / Video Editor - TM Productions

Fibrenetix makes some amazing storage! Three years ago, it was time for TM Productions to overhaul and upgrade our SAN.  We priced out several options but came to one conclusion and that Fibrenetix was the best bang for the buck!  At the time, other RAID chassis were simply overpriced for what they had to offer.  By sourcing our own drives we saved over $16,000 over what the competition was quoting us.  Since the install we’ve been online and running reliably. In an industry that relies heavily on digital media, we must rely heavily on our storage systems.  Recently, we moved our entire facility.  The Fibrenetix storage made moving our media incredibly simple, and it continues to work flawlessly. TM Productions is a motion picture advertising facility.

Jim Foreman

CEO - Foreman Media Group

My role is best classified as a Consulting Technician.   Since 1993, I’ve been working in and with film and television post-production technology.  This time period has been one of the most active and interesting in the history of filmmaking: 3D animation and motion graphics have migrated from the supercomputer realm to the desktop level.  The mid 90’s brought about digital non-linear editing, and this single-handedly transformed the way media is produced and cut together.  Non-linear editing systems forever changed the relationship of high-performance storage and the constant need for more. Storage Area Networks, or SANs, have become commonplace as well as having hundreds of terabytes of storage available for editorial, motion graphics, audio and archiving. My role is to work directly with companies and, where appropriate, their IT teams to come up with solutions to specific storage requirements.  Not only is consulting part of my trade, but I also install, integrate and train existing staff how to use and maintain the equipment. In this business, reputation is everything: without a reliable reputation, one’s advice or suggestion is rendered untrustworthy.  I have staked my excellent reputation with numerous clients on Fibrenetix storage.  Whether building motion picture advertising agencies, film editorial and post-production companies or setting up motion graphics companies, Fibrenetix has played a significant role in my clients’ success. To this day, dozens of companies I’ve set up with Fibrenetix continue to operate at peak performance with no sign of slowing down. Fibrenetix offers world-class expandable and upgradable RAID chassis’ that are populated with drives from the end user.  This results in significant cost savings, as there is no markup on the cost of the drives.  Furthermore, one is not subjected to the ridiculous ‘cost per gigabyte’ method of pricing most storage companies still rely on when selling their product.  The cost of the Fibrenetix RAID chassis is the same whether one, two, three or four terabyte drives are used.  Also, one can choose SAS, Solid State (SSD) or enterprise class drives to provide the storage and performance desired in a particular solution and price point. This enables once unaffordable goals and best practices to come into reality for small, medium and even large size businesses. After all, who really wants to voluntarily line the pockets of far-off storage companies with one’s hard won earnings? For me, Fibrenetix provides my clients the highest quality, most cost effective solution on the market.  It’s a product that I will continue to recommend, because I know I am providing the best solution for my customers.

Billy Mikelson

Owner - Motive Creative

Motive Creative is a motion picture advertising company based in Hollywood.  For over three years now, we have come to rely on Fibrenetix for our SAN storage. In this business we simply can’t be offline.  The cost benefit and reliability of Fibrenetix has enabled us to have a one-to-one nightly clone of all our media for peace of mind and 100% availability. Without Fibrenetix, we would not be able to cleanly upgrade and expand our storage without a single hour of media downtime. Thank You for making such an exceptional product.

Andrea Landrum

Director of Network Services - Larry Flynt Publications

Larry Flynt Publications and Hustler Entertainment is the premier distributer of quality adult entertainment. Hustler Video utilizes five 16 bay chassis for it’s video content storage.  Material is brought in from two full-time assistant stations. Since it’s installation over two years ago, we have enjoyed 100% up-time.  Also, since the original installation, we have added capacity with no issues whatsoever.  We’ve even expanded to include our Internet division on the Fibrenetix Storage. More recently, our publications and compliance divisions have migrated to a fileserver with direct attached Fibrenetix Storage. As our needs for more storage have increased, Fibrenetix has been there every step of the way to support and enable us to grow. When it comes to high quality, high speed and data storage, Fibrenetix is at the top of our list.

Jeff Bernstein

Owner - Digital Desktop Consulting

Jeff Bernstein of Digital Desktop Consulting Helps Pave the Way for Fibrenetix Products in the Media and Entertainment Space Jeff Bernstein is the owner of Digital Desktop Consulting, a Los Angeles based systems integrator and consultant.  The company serves as an outsourced IT and video engineering department for broadcast and post-production. Jeff has worked with major corporations and entertainment moguls such as Disney, NBC Universal, Sony, Panasonic, E., Style and Esquire, to name a few.  He has worked hand-in-hand with major product manufacturers in the Media & Entertainment space, including Apple, AJA, BlackMagic, Digital Voodoo, Panasonic, Sony and Adobe. At NAB 2006, Jeff met Jes Nagel, the CEO and Founder of Fibrenetix. After a demonstration of the Fibrenetix Fibre Channel product, Jeff was impressed enough to take on the fledgling line for his own clients.  Over the years, Fibrenetix has worked closely with Digital Desktop Consulting to fine-tune the product line.  Fibrenetix support team and Digital Desktop Consulting worked closely together to improve the direction of the E2 product line, to cater to the Los Angeles M&E market.  As a result of this relationship, the E2 now has additional RAM cache as a bundled feature, which allows for better benchmarks, better throughput and more streams.  In addition, Fibrenetix added some special features to the RAID Controller to make the E2 more conducive for media & entertainment applications.  The two companies worked closely together to test these features and implemented the optimal settings for the market. These options were then set as default when shipping the product to M&E professionals. “Jeff is a smart, experienced integrator, and his input was tantamount in helping us develop our products to better serve the media and entertainment industry,” said Jes Nagel. “He continues to be an asset for us as we grow and develop new products.” Jeff is a staunch advocate of the Fibrenetix product line. He commented: “What I really like about Fibrenetix as a SAN RAID solution, is how easy and cost-effective it is to upgrade; all you need to do is swap out the RAID Controller and you retain your original configuration and hardware. It means that a company can buy a solution for today, and not worry about expensive hardware upgrades five years down the line. I don’t know of any other storage company that makes it that easy. Jeff has 19 years experience in the industry, both as a creative and an engineer.  Before starting Digital Desktop Consulting in 1995, he worked with Rebo Studios in New York in 1989, and took delivery of the very first Avid system there, making him the second person ever to use the NLE. After Rebo Studios, Jeff moved to ABC News as an Editor, and then was promoted to Chief Engineer within three months.  While at ABC, he worked on shows such as World News Tonight, 20/20 and Nightline. After ABC News, Jeff was hired as the Senior Editor at MTV Networks. While flexing his creative muscles at MTV, Jeff also had engineer responsibilities, maintaining the systems he worked on. After his time there, he relocated to Los Angeles, where he continued work on numerous rockumentaries and concert videos. Shortly after arriving in Los Angeles, Jeff began work at ABC Entertainment, where he spearheaded the conversion of On-Air promo edit bays from analog to digital.  Jeff was also appointed Senior Editor for General Hospital at ABC. Shortly before launching Digital Desktop Consulting, Jeff developed a close relationship with Apple on 1994, when he began working with the company to develop their new QuickTime format.  He was instrumental in helping them bring that product up to speed for the professional market.