Pro Video Coalition visited with Fibrenetix representatives at the StorageDNA booth.

Written By: Jeremiah Karpowicz, Pro Video Coalition


Fibrenetix has been around for over 20 years and is one of the oldest storage chassis manufacturers left in Europe. At IBC 2014, they were showing off their hardware in the StorageDNA booth, and their presence marked a return to IBC and to the industry in general.

“We essentially relaunched our efforts in media & entertainment at NAB this year, as the company had gotten away from this market,” said Paul Weiser, CEO of Fibrenetix. “I have a great deal of experience in this industry though, so we’re coming back to it in a very powerful way.  I’m looking to showcase how we’re different from our competition, and from the level of detail that you can see in the hardware to the intelligent way we have our units setup, that distinction should be easy to recognize and understand.”

Since Fibrenetix controls their own manufacturing, design and integration, the company is able to provide a high quality product at a great price point. Fibrenetix has also developed a reputation for high-performance, cost-effective RAID storage technology and their state-of-the-arts products are recognized around the globe.

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