COPENHAGEN – June 8th, 2015 – Fibrenetix, Europe’s leading manufacturer of Video Optimised Servers and Storage, has chosen IFSEC 2015 as the global platform to launch its new range of highly scalable, fully redundant video servers.

Fibrenetix has built on their core technology for the media and broadcasting industry (2K & 4K) to develop a range of servers that maximizes the quantity of supported HD cameras in a fully redundant environment.

The new GOLD-Series is based around fully redundant dual node server technology. Each node supports dual 8-core Xeon E52600 V3 processors (Haswell), offering unsurpassable CPU power, even for the most demanding VMS application. Dual SSDs are built into each node for OS and applications, optimizing both performance and resilience.

Jes Nagel, CEO of Fibrenetix says “The GOLD-Series will change the way the industry looks at redundant server technology and how we maintain it in the future. Each node in the GOLD server is fully hot-swappable, so if a recording node fails, it can be hot swapped and back up and running”

Nagel continues “The operating system, VMS and APPS are already installed on the SSDs so reinstallation of OS and APPS is not necessary. The dual nodes in the server are fully redundant using hardware clustering technology, which means data continues to record on the other Node while the failed node is down – the switch is instant and automatic, so no frames are lost during swap over. This is very different from a software cluster which can take up to 3 minutes before the redundant server starts to record again.”

Niels Meyer Juul-Hansen, Chief Technology Architect comments; “Our main objective with the GOLD-series was to develop a server range to support all major Windows based VMS’s, such as Milestone, Genetec, IndigoVision and Honeywell, and at the same time increase server performance and resilience.
The industry faces the challenge of rapidly increasing camera resolutions, putting some serious demands on computing power. Fibrenetix is very well positioned to meet these ever increasing demands. With a solid background in high performance video streaming from the 2K and 4K broadcasting industry, we already have the technology and knowhow to raise the performance bar in the CCTV industry.”

The GOLD-Series also includes a range of Ultra Density Storage enclosures, which work seamlessly with the GOLD servers, offering scalable storage from hundreds of Terabytes to multiple Petabytes.

About Fibrenetix
Fibrenetix is a leading European manufacturer of video optimized Servers and Storage. With 20 years of industry knowhow, Fibrenetix has developed a solid reputation for high performance video streaming technology, providing smart engineering, quality and reliability.

From our beginnings in the European post-production market, Fibrenetix continue to develop cutting-edge technologies, to meet the highly demanding and ever-growing requirements of the Media & Entertainment and Surveillance industries.

Headquartered in Roskilde, Denmark, Fibrenetix serves key customers such as Honeywell, Qatar Airlines and Sony in key territories such as the Middle East, Europe and Japan.

Over the past decade, Fibrenetix has established itself as a key player in the Middle East and to better serve the market, opened a local sales office in Dubai, UAE, in May 2012.

Fibrenetix Americas opened in Los Angeles, California in February 2014 and brings the company’s high quality and cost effective solutions to the USA, Canada and Latin America.