Explosive Growth in Global Video Surveillance

The demand for robust video surveillance storage has grown exponentially in recent years:

  • New high-resolution IP video systems are being installed worldwide
  • In more established markets, older analogue-based CCTV systems are being upgraded to IP, and managed via a network

The explosion of IP Surveillance has led to continual improvements in IP cameras. HD cameras are now widely deployed, with 2K and 5K cameras also reaching the market. 

This means:

  • An increased load on the network transmitting these high quality images
  • Deployment of dedicated multi-Gigabit data network infrastructures, with compression algorithms, to help move all the video data around the network
  • More and more video data needs to be stored securely, often for longer periods of time

Fibrenetix Solves Your Video Surveillance Upgrade Challenges

Fibrenetix has built-in series of storage solutions to meet the needs of small, mid-sized, and large, demanding systems.

Fibrenetix ensures:

  • No data is lost, and that local and sector-specific data protection and crime prevention standards are complied with
  • The integrity of video recordings, should they ever need to be used as evidence in a court of law

The Fibrenetix Competitive Advantage

Robust, Resilient, and Long-Term Solutions

  • For over a decade, Fibrenetix has been delivering video surveillance systems to meet the most stringent resiliency requirements
  • Our surveillance storage systems have been deployed successfully in airports, hotels, holiday resorts and residential housing estates
  • We store high-resolution video footage well beyond 180 days

Fibrenetix Hardware Interacts Seamlessly with Open-Platform Video Management Software

  • Our open standards architecture means that our video storage systems work closely with open platform-based Video Management Software (VMS) (Milestone, Genetec, IndigoVision and others)

Fibrenetix is Upgradeable, Expandable, and Cost-Effective

  • Easily expand your Fibrenetix storage as your surveillance requirements grow
  • Our expansion options are designed to build on infrastructure that you have already invested in.

Top-quality Technology and Design

  • Fibrenetix products are technically robust and aesthetically pleasing without the high price tag

View our products and use our handy product comparison tool to help meet your surveillance requirements. Or contact us for a free one-on-one consultation.