Highly scalable storage

Fibrenetix E8-Series offers highly scalable storage, specifically designed and developed to meet the demanding needs of medium-range to high-end surveillance applications. The E8-Series is based round Fibrenetix high performance video streaming chip technology, offering at least 30% more performance than any other product on the market and at least 30% more cameras per storage controller. The E8-Series with dual 10Gbit iSCSI connection has been designed and built to meet surveillance demand for hundreds of video streams and massive storage capacity, with long data retention periods with the smallest possible footprint. Each E8-series can service hundreds of megapixel cameras, with a storage capacity of up to 2 Petabytes per iSCSI controller. Additional E8 systems can be added to the storage network, offering scalability up to hundreds of Petabytes to meet the requirements for Homeland Security, Airports and City Centre surveillance installations. The 16-bay E8- Series comes with a dual controller option which enables a fully redundant mode. All connection points and JBOD controllers also have dual controller support. Combined with hot-swap power supplies, fans and hard disk drives, the E88 systems offer real Enterprise Class High Availability. E8-Series is also available with dual 16Gbit Fibre Channel host connection. For more information, download the datasheets from our website, or contact your Fibrenetix sales office. E8 Series storage product data sheet Fibrenetix Product Guide 2018
E8 Series Storage