Video Server for Mobile and Hazardous Environments

Fibrenetix MOBIX is a semi-ruggedized video server, ideal for hazardous environments where traditional computers cannot be deployed. MOBIX video server is designed to operate at high temperatures, in desert, vehicle and factory environments. With no moving parts, and custom rubber fixing points for all electronic parts, MOBIX provides optimal vibration and shock tolerance. Dual onboard solid state disks offer up to 2 Terabytes of storage capacity. In addition, via an iSCSI host connection, MOBIX can store video streams to an external iSCSI storage device, offering 1000 Terabytes or 1 Petabyte of additional storage. For more information, please download the datasheet from our website, or contact your Fibrenetix sales office. MOBIX Series datasheet Fibrenetix Product Guide 2019   Technology partners: Technology-partners