MAGNIX Naval is an integrated video zoom camera system for naval surveillance applications

The MAGNIX Navel camera system is the perfect choice when optimal electro-optical performance under extreme temperature, shock and vibration conditions. The camera system complies with MIL-STD 810 and can therefore be installed on ships, tracked and wheeled vehicles. The MAGNIX Navel series is available with a wide variety of cameras and zoom lenses depending on the surveillance application. The camera and lens have a boresight retention of +/- 0.2 mrad, not only over the entire zoom range, but also over the entire operating temperature range of -40°C to +70°C. The camera has a start-up time of less than 5 seconds and is immediately ready for action upon power-up. The camera is also designed for low-power operation and does not require a heater, even for operation in low temperatures. The MAGNIX Navel series also offers advanced video processing, providing fog and haze penetration, peak white inversion, autofocus-on-demand and zoom-triggered autofocus. Graphics, such as reticles, text overlays can be superimposed on the video signal. Another unique feature of is the ability to merge the video signal with the video signal from an external thermal imaging camera. This provides the operator with a unique combination of both visual and thermal references. Fibrenetix can offer solutions from off-the-shelf components (MOTS), or can custom design individual combinations to fit directly into a specific surveillance application configuration. For more information, download the datasheets from our website, or contact your Fibrenetix sales office. MAGNIX Naval CDD 200 camera product data sheet Fibrenetix Product Guide 2019
MAGNIX Naval camera