Ultra-density storage expansion up to 1,440 TB (1.4PB) in a single 4U enclosure

The surveillance industry’s need for huge storage capacity far exceeds usual IT installations. Government legislation requiring long retention periods, with giga and mega-pixel cameras, drives storage capacity up. As a direct result, surveillance IT server rooms are expensive to establish and running costs are high, with the need for AC cooling and redundant power supplies. Fibrenetix range of ultra-density storage expansion (JBODs) is built to meet these challenges.
  • Lower power consumption per Terabyte using Helium Hard Drives, (52% less power than traditionel Hard drives)
  • Optimal enclosure cooling reduces AC requirement
  • Ultra-Density enclosure, offers 7 Petabytes of capacity, including servers, in a single 42U, 19” rackmount cabinet
Fibrenetix storage expansion units are fully compatible with all Fibrenetix servers and storage solutions. For more information, download the datasheets from our website, or contact your Fibrenetix sales office. Fibrenetix GOLD Series JBOD Expansion 6063-102 Fibrenetix Product Guide 2018
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