Ultra-long range cameras for homeland security and border control

The VISIX Series provides the ultimate long-range camera range, engineered to meet the highest possible standards and operate in the harshest environments. Designed and manufactured to military standards, these cameras are installed on Battleships, Coast Guard vessels and Military vehicles all over the world. Fibrenetix has adapted the technology making the cameras ideal for Border Control, Airports and Ports. Fibrenetix offer a complete range of VISIX cameras and specialised equipment for the surveillance industry, including Laser Illumination, Ruggedized PTZi units and Dual-mode units, combining short and long-range options in a single camera.
For more information, download the datasheets from our website, or contact your Fibrenetix sales office. VISIX Ultra-long range 750 camera product data sheet VISIX Ultra-long range 1000-PTZi camera product data sheet VISIX Ultra-long range 1000 DUO camera product data sheet Fibrenetix Product Guide 2019
Ultra-long range cameras