Ultra-long range cameras for homeland security and border control

The VISIX Series provides the ultimate long-range camera range, engineered to meet the highest possible standards and operate in the harshest environments.

Designed and manufactured to military standards, these cameras are installed on Battleships, Coast Guard vessels and Military vehicles all over the world. Fibrenetix has adapted the technology making the cameras ideal for Border Control, Airports and Ports.

Fibrenetix offer a complete range of VISIX cameras and specialised equipment for the surveillance industry, including Laser Illumination, Ruggedized PTZi units and Dual-mode units, combining short and long-range options in a single camera.

For more information, download the datasheets from our website, or contact your Fibrenetix sales office.

VISIX Ultra-long range 750 camera product data sheet
VISIX Ultra-long range 1000-PTZi camera product data sheet

VISIX Ultra-long range 1000 DUO camera product data sheet

Fibrenetix Product Guide 2019

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Ultra-long range cameras
LR Model VISIX LR-1000 VISIX LR-750 VISIX-DUO LASER-VISIX Check Several to Compare
SensorHigh-sensitivity colour 1/3" CCD sensor with complementary mosaicHigh-sensitivity colour 1/3" CCD sensor with complementary mosaicHigh-sensitivity colour 1/3" CCD sensor with complementary mosaicN/A (see below)
Effective Pixels (HxV)976x582976x582LR+SR: 976x582
Aspect Ratio4:34:34:3N/A (see below)
Focal length / Hor. Field of view30 to 1000 mm zoom (33x) / 9gr to 0.3gr30 - 750 mm zoom (25x)LR: 30 to 1000 mm zoom (33x) - SR: 14 mm
Video outputVideo CVBSCVBSCVBSN/A (see below)
Sensitivity0.03 LUX, 25% video, F4.50.03 LUX, 25% video, F4.6, WFOV, No IR-cut filterLR: 100 mLUX, 25% video F4.6 SR: 7mLUX 25%, F1.2
Gamma correction0.45/1.00.45/1.00.45/1.0N/A (see below)
Focus range3m to infi. (Active back focus temperature compensation)2.5m to infi.LR: 3m to infi. SR: 2.0m to infi. (narrow FOV)
Operating temperature-40c to +70c-40c to +70c-40c to +70cN/A (see below)
Surface treatmentChromit Al TCP / paintingChromit Al TCP / paintingChromit Al TCP / painting
Shock/vibrationsVibration 3.05 Grms and chock 11ms 30gVibration 3.05 Grms and chock 6ms 25gVibration 3.05 Grms and chock 6ms 30gN/A (see below)
Warranty1y std (upto 10 ext.)1y std (upto 10 ext.)1y std (upto 10 ext.)
Laser TypeLaser Diode / 8W
Wavelength808 nm
Range>6km (4mil)
Divergence9.3gr to 0.37gr (sunchronous to the camera zoom)
NOHD29m for wide beam, 239m for narrow beam
MTBF10,000 hours @ 100% = 3y normal operation

SAS Drives

FF Vendor Family Model Capacity RPM Interface Cache FW Family Models Date
3.5HGSTUltrastar 7K4000HUS724040ALS6404TB72006Gb/s64A152HUS724030ALS640 (3TB) HUS724020ALS640 (2TB)2013/10/28 2013/11/28
3.5SeagateEnterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD Constellation ES.3ST4000NM00234TB72006Gb/s1280001 0003ST3000NM0023 (3TB) ST2000NM0023 (2TB) ST1000NM0023 (1TB)2012/12/20 2013/4/29 2013/9/29 2013/10/28
3.5HGSTUltrastar 7K3000HUS723030ALS6403TB72006Gb/s64A222HUS723020ALS640 (2TB)3/1/2013, 12:00:00 AM
3.5SeagateConstellation ES.2ST33000650SS3TB72006Gb/s640002 0003ST32000645SS (2TB)2011/8/26 2011/10/26
3.5ToshibaMG03SCA SeriesMG03SCA3003TB72006Gb/s321001MG03SCA400 (4TB) MG03SCA200 (2TB) MG03SCA100 (1TB)6/25/2013, 12:00:00 AM
3.5SeagateConstellation ESST2000NM00012TB72006Gb/s640001 0002ST1000NM0001 (1TB) ST500NM0001 (500GB)2011/9/22 2011/10/28
3.5ToshibaMBF SeriesMK2001TRKB2TB72006Gb/s641003MK1001TRKB (1TB)9/20/2012, 12:00:00 AM
3.5ToshibaAL13SEL SeriesAL13SEL900900GB105006Gb/s166101AL13SEL600 (600GB) AL13SEL450 (450GB) AL13SEL300 (300GB)7/19/2013, 12:00:00 AM
3.5SeagateCheetah 15K.7ST3600057SS600GB150006Gb/s160008 00042011/3/7 2009/7/31
3.5HGSTUltrastar 15K600HUS156045VLS600450GB150006Gb/s64A510HUS156060VLS600 (600GB) HUS156030VLS600 (300GB)10/8/2010, 12:00:00 AM

SATA Drives

FF Vendor Family Model Capacity RPM Interface Cache FW Family Models Date
3.5HGSTUltrastar 7K4000HUS724040ALE6404TB72006Gb/s643B0HUS724030ALE640 (3TB) HUS724020ALE640 (2TB)2013/3/8 2013/5/30
3.5HGSTUltrastar 7K4000HUS724040ALA6404TB72006Gb/s648B0HUS724030ALA640 (3TB) HUS724020ALA640 (2TB)8/23/2013, 12:00:00 AM
3.5HGSTUltrastar 7K3000HUA723030ALA6403TB72006Gb/s64580HUA723020ALA640 (2TB)4/23/2012, 12:00:00 AM
3.5HGSTDeskstar 7K3000HDS723030ALA6403TB72006Gb/s643906/21/2011, 12:00:00 AM
3.5HGSTUltrastar A7K2000HUA722020ALA3302TB72003Gb/s32JKAOA20N11/25/2009, 12:00:00 AM
3.5HGSTDeskstar 7K3000HDS723020BLA6422TB72006Gb/s64580HDS723015BLA642 (1.5TB)2/10/2011, 12:00:00 AM
3.5HGSTDeskstar 7K2000HDS722020ALA3302TB72003Gb/s32JKAOA3MA2013/5/30 2013/6/28
3.5HGSTDeskstar 5K3000HDS5C3020ALA6322TBCoolSpin6Gb/s32580HDS5C3015ALA632 (1.5TB)6/30/2011, 12:00:00 AM
3.5HGSTUltrastar A7K2000HUA722010CLA3301TB72003Gb/s32JP40A3EAHUA722050CLA330 (500GB)2/10/2011, 12:00:00 AM
3.5HGSTDeskstar 7K1000.CHDS721010CLA3321TB72003Gb/s32JP4OA3MA2013/4/29 2013/5/30